Dear friends of Minneapolis’ Golden Age,

Do you have a song in your heart? Well, lucky you – it’s time again for Spoutstock, and you are invited.

Spoutstock is Spout Press’ annual cover song contest and fundraiser in which we get a dozen or so local rock stars to perform one cover song each. It’s at Mario’s Keller Bar, 2300 University Avenue, at 8:30 on Thursday, July 25.

If this sounds fun to you, imagine something a hundred times better than you think it could ever be. That’s about how it is.

Our roster of cover song artists this year includes members of The White Whales, Reina del Cid, Magneto Effect, The Hollow Boys, the Roe Family Singers, Black Diet and The Sudden Lovelys as well as Jason Roberts, Brad Colfax, Niki Becker and, as always, some very special surprise guests.

Celebrity judges Lori Barbero, Peter Scholtes and Dylan Hicks will use their great wisdom and experience to decide the Best Artist and Runner Up awards. But from there it’s in your reckless hands: YOU the audience will vote to decide the prestigious Audience Choice Award and its accompanying trophy.

We only hold one fundraiser per year, and we make it all about pleasure. All of your 7$ cover charge goes to publish works by independent literary artists. Spout Press is an all-volunteer collective – no one here gets paid, and we’re not even in it for the glory. Last year your cover charges helped us to print Kirsten Dierking’s book Tether. This year, your cover charge will help us to print Brendan Lorber’s Ruin and Desire: The Poetics of Insurrection. Sound like a deal?

It’s always exciting to find out what song an artist will choose – in past years we’ve had covers of everything from Outkast to Matthew Wilder to Elvis Costello to Erykah Badu to the Everly Brothers. Of course there’s been Prince and Bob Dylan. We’ve even heard covers of The Misfits and a Juicy Fruit Commercial.

If you have suggestions for a song to cover, feel free to go to our Facebook page and let it be known. Your input is welcome!

But mostly, our doorman Tom just wants to see your loving face Thursday July 25th. Will you come down? In the name of DIY culture? Yes you can! See you there. We’ll provide the ballots and songs, and there’ s plenty of good cold beer available. Afterwards, let’s all dance to DJ Hapka. He will get you moving. Hell, let’s stay out all night. Let’s feel great! It’s Spoutstock!

True Love Always,

Spout Press


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